It has been a VERY busy month (maybe three) my regular updates have been a little sidelined. So here is an overview of the fun and chaos we have been up to!

Since our last years sensory garden decided to turn into a foxtail patch we created a new play yard off the porch area adding a new sandbox, a pond with a fountain, and a dog-friendly container garden with all sorts of fun to nibble, sniff, and dig up plants. Mint is the favorite and requires rolling on, but chomping on parsley and cauliflower leaves comes in second. I can’t wait till the watermelons are ready because we know how much the dogs love those. You can see a video of the new play areas and more of the fun we had this spring on our youtube channel.

Velvet and Harvey had a beautiful litter of seven puppies and then adopted three of Wolfie’s pups when Mama Foxy was a little overwhelmed. Velvet is a superstar mom happily raising TEN puppies!

See more pics of her crazy brood on our current puppies page. We are starting waitlist picks on them shortly.

Shortly after Velvet’s pile of puppies arrived we had our first AKC inspection and were found to be 100% compliant. The inspector said we had one of the most unique kennels she had ever seen more like a doggy daycare than a typical breeding kennel.

Next up we had puppy vaccination day go awry when one of our boys had a bad reaction. He had to get steroids and Benadryl every three hours for three days. I was already staying up all night supplementing Velvet’s pups so sleep is overrated anyway. Thankfully he is all better now and back to looking for his very own lap to snuggle on.

Our next new arrivals were Lady and Demi’s litter. We were blessed with three adorable cream brindle long hair little angels. Lady had soooo much milk the first few days that her puppies had trouble latching so I had to actually milk her and apply compresses to avoid her getting mastitis. Lack of sleep is the mother of invention which led me to this interesting contraption at 2 am for easier milk extraction. The extra colostrum is being frozen in case we ever have need of it in the future.

Yesterday we hopefully concluded our crazy time with a vet visit to officially retire Beanie and get rabies for a literal truckload of teenage puppies (and a few adults).

We have several teenage boys hanging around waiting for homes. They are already fully vaccinated (including rabies), leash, crate, and doggy door trained so perfect for someone not up to raising a rambunctious puppy from scratch. Check them out and tell a friend!

It is a full house as we also have several prospective girls that are staying with us to take over when their parents retire. Check out our next generation of cuties

Coming up next Phoenix’s pups will be going to their new homes

And we are expecting big things from Xanadu and Wolfie’s litter shortly.