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Sure you can find cheaper pups but at what risk?

All of our dogs are AKC registered, health tested, fed only the very best, bred only for a limited time, and regularly examined by our vet all of which are expenses! We re-invest the majority part of the price of your puppy back into our kennel in those ways. The remainder we invest in our buyers in the form of live cams, take-home packs, professional photo-shoots, ongoing support, and research to better every generation.

Buying a puppy from Spottadachs does not end when your final payment is made or when the pup goes out the door. Anyone who buys a pup becomes part of the family. We pride ourselves in remaining available to answer questions, calm fears, and provide support for the LIFETIME of your puppy. We are very blessed and grateful that the majority of our buyers return for a second (sometimes third or fourth) puppy.

All puppies come with a lifetime genetic health guarantee, and support as well as an in-depth health record, and registered microchip. AKC Registration additionally available.


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