Dax Sharm Kalibri  AKA: Birdy

Whelped: 02/19/21

Color:  Black/Tan    (EE  ky/ky  at/at  DD  Bb  ll   rr  SS  mm & MFSD12= Red/Red)

Coat:  Wire

Weight: 16 lbs 02/26/23


Testing:  Birdy is Full Panel Clear.  This means she does not have or carry any genetic health risks that can be passed to her offspring.

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What does she carry: Chocolate

A special thanks to Mikhailova Svetlana for trusting us with this sweet girl all the way from  Saint Petersburg, Russia


Birdy is a bit of a needy girl always needing reassurance you still love her but I figure that is due to the slightly traumatic experience of world travel as a young pup in order to reach us. She doesn’t have as much prey drive as our other wires but it is still there she would just rather be snuggling. Her favorite things besides getting unlimited attention, are snuggling with puppies she doesn’t even care who’s they are, as well as finding the best sticks to chew or make the others chase after her to get. Birdy is the one we can always trust to put with a new-to-us pup or the weaning litters who miss their mama.