Can I Visit

First, let me say I know how excited you are to meet your new baby! I have been a buyer before myself and the wait almost kills me especially when most breeders do not provide as many pictures as I do!

I also know, that you like I, would never do anything intentionally to hurt these babies or expose them to possible illnesses. That being said, for your protection and ours, we do not allow visitors to tour our home/kennel or handle the puppies until 8 weeks old when they are ready to go to their new homes so will not be cross-exposing their siblings or other pups.

I have been in this business long enough to know about germs you can’t even imagine that threaten these young pups. So while we cannot risk cuddles we have a couple of other options we do offer.

I do offer weekly professional quality photographs as well as candid snaps of the cute moments that arise.

I also offer HD videos of the pups both individual as well as group play sessions.

For our latest videos check out our YouTube channel or our Facebook page

And if that’s still not enough, I offer 24/7 live puppy camera(s) to all puppy buyers. Once a deposit is made on a puppy you will be given full access. Only current families waiting for their pups to be old enough to go home are allowed to view the pups on this camera.

At Spottadachs we take our dog's health VERY seriously, and we appreciate your understanding and help in ensuring everyone’s pups go to their new homes happy and healthy.