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Spottadachs Miniature Dachshunds recommends Life’s Abundance brand dog food.

At Spottadachs our dogs are part of our family we want them to be around for as long as possible. That requires not only healthy genetics but a healthy diet. With Life’s Abundance dog food and supplements, we feel comfortable saying we give our dogs the best. Heck, they eat better than we do!

What makes Life’s Abundance the best?

The first thing that was a huge plus for us when feeding Life’s Abundance dog foods is the freshness. Most brands of dog kibble have been in a warehouse for six months to a year before it even reaches the retailer, this includes the stuff Walmart sells even with its high turnover. Every thirty days, that feed (human or pet) sits around and loses half its vitamin and nutritional life. Life’s Abundance arrives at your home fresh.

Part of that freshness factor is also how the kibble is cooked. Life’s Abundance is cooked in a manner to specifically helps the ingredients to retain their nutritional value.

There are NO corn or wheat glutens, artificial colors, or flavors in Life’s Abundance ever

For most brands, there is a fluctuation in quality and product on almost a weekly basis. Sometimes the kibble is darker colored, or larger size than normal. What is happening at the manufacturer and what is being added that is causing this? I personally don’t feel comfortable feeding my dog foods that look off or that I don’t know what is really going into it.

This brings us to recalls. Most years you see at least 3-5 recalls mainly big-name brands on the news where pets ARE DYING. Did you know a recall isn’t issued until there are multiple deaths! Did you know most retailers don’t bother to pull recalled foods because there is really no refund for them? Instead, to avoid any more loss on it they discount it and sell it off fast.

There is only ONE brand of pet feed that I know of that has NOT had a recall on some level.

That is Life’s Abundance! How do they avoid it?

Life’s Abundance feeds are not produced in huge batches instead they are very carefully monitored and produced in small batches weekly. Kind of like Jack in the Box compared to Mcdonald's.

Better yet cancer-causing preservatives are not added or needed because your feed is shipped directly to you it will never sit in a warehouse.

By knowing where every single bag is shipped to, IF there ever was, a problem you the consumer would be notified immediately and directly. As you may have seen in past recalls of other brands heck even the lettuce issue of 2019 they had no clue for sure which bags of food may or may not have gotten the contaminated product.

On an even deeper level, the meats used by Life’s Abundance are never odds and ends, beaks and tails, that probably hit the floor. I’ve seen it in person working at a meat-cutting plant as it was swept up into a bin to be sent to the dog food factory. Life’s Abundance uses organically raised meat. That means no chance of your pet getting antibiotics, euthanasia drugs, or unrecorded illness from the meat they are eating. Why take the risk?

Living in a small town in the middle of nowhere I can’t tell you how often when I worked at the hardware/feed store it was up to 6 months before we got a new shipment of dog food. Shipping is spendy so stores buy in bulk and just store the food in whatever corner they can find. It can get pretty hot in those storage sheds I know personally. Sweating and long-term storage are not good for meat-based products (if the kibble even has meat and no fillers in it). Before even reaching the storefront how long did that kibble sit in a warehouse with the possibility of mice or beetles? When your local store runs out, or there is a recall on your favorite brand and you have to change foods without any kind of slow introduction (we all know we procrastinate until the day it’s gone) can be rough on your pet's digestive system.

With Life’s Abundance, you can have your fresh kibble on your doorstep in a couple of days, or if you are a procrastinator like me set up automatic shipments at the interval that works best for you. Even better you get a discount for using autoship!

Still not convinced try clicking HERE and entering your current brand to see how it stacks up!

I would like to challenge you to check out our direct link to a healthier life for your pet and peace of mind for your family.


P.S. Don’t let the price fool you!
When your kibble is not full of fillers and grains your dogs need, less to fill satisfied. With Life’s Abundance, your pet will only need about half of what you’re used to feeding bulk wise but they will have slick shiny coats, and my favorite part after also raising Great Danes it makes their poop tiny because they are actually digesting what they ingest instead of kicking out all the stuff nature never intended carnivores to eat. So in your calculating keep in mind, a 20 lb bag of Life’s Abundance kibble will last as long as a 45 lb bag of cheap kibble from Walmart or wherever. If you want a, weight for weight comparison try comparing to the brand you currently feed, but know that they do not usually include things like prebiotics, and definitely are not as fresh.

This is an older video but excellent information when considering Life’s Abundance food for your pets.