Breeding Rights

AKC Breeding/Show papers/rights 

We have put no less than $1000. into each parent’s genetics and testing so feel this is not an unfair amount to ask for peace of mind for your breeding program. You are free to find a cheaper breeder and risk buying an untested pup, pay to test it only to find out it carries something, and then only be able to sell it for half what you paid ( we have had this happen several times buying from even the best show breeders) or you can save time and money by buying an already proven bloodline.

We also require proof of completion (certificate) from one of the following:

Breeders Bootcamp Master Class You can use the code “spotta10” for a 10% discount (This course is great for new breeders and experienced breeders open to new ideas for improvement)

AKC Breeder 7 Courses/Exams (These courses are cheaper but much more difficult for new breeders)


To apply for Breeding rights please complete the following form: