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  • Cuteness Overload

    Cuteness Overload

    I know it is kind of early for Easter but I just couldn’t resist these adorable props and even cuter puppies!

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  • Counting Our Blessings

    Counting Our Blessings

    Beanie’s litter has arrived! Labor began early Thursday (03/09) and ended in our vet’s office around 2 am with an emergency C-Section. The first two pups delivered right on schedule however #3 and 4 decided to fight over who was coming next and managed to get wedged tight. I suspected something was amiss and thankfully …

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  • Snow, snow, and more snow!

    Snow, snow, and more snow!

    It is a good thing our dogs think snow is fun because it just keeps coming this year. Lots of new videos on our youtube channel if you are not subscribed yet you might want to check it out! Even the littles got in on the action

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  • Cuteness Overload

  • Counting Our Blessings

  • Snow, snow, and more snow!

  • Sharing The Love

  • Just Brilliant!

  • Picasso’s Masterpiece

  • Monkey Business

  • Ellie’s New Arrivals

  • Who will win?

  • New Arrivals and More

  • Litter Updates

  • Tis the Season

  • 2023 Lineup

  • Puppy Pile

  • Surprise Delivery!

  • Velvet’s Peepers

  • Fall Camoflauge

  • Latest Pupdates

  • Mia’s “little” Girl is 4 weeks old

  • Velvet’s Pups are a week old!

  • Wire Woes

  • Velvet and Mousse Litter has arrived!!

  • Stairway to Heaven…

  • Seeing Stripes

  • Happy Halloweenie

  • Mia’s Pups 1 Week Old

  • Newcomers at Spottadachs

  • Mia’s Litter has arrived!

  • The Holidays are coming!

  • Picasso’s Masterpiece

  • Labor Day Weekend Spottadachs Style

  • Pupdate-Astro

  • Sniffari Adventures

  • Beanie’s Pups 6 weeks Old

  • Monkey & Coles Family Photo

  • The Circle Of Life

  • Emiliano (Emi)

  • Winnie

  • Oscar & Ginsburg

  • Annie

  • Ruby


  • Ducky

  • Fender

  • Argus

  • Ladybug

  • Ginger

  • Ninja

  • Frank *All Beef

  • Tank

  • Winifred (Winnie)

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