Winifred (Winnie)

Tamara Holdaway of Spottadachs provided me not only with the sweetest puppy, but the best experience. She held my hand through this process, was available 24/7 for questions & concerns of mine. She sent weekly photos (literal doggy photo shoot) that I still cherish to this day. The 24 hour puppy cam was playing in my house all day long! Her puppy training program was a huge factor in potty training, Winnie came home and had minimal accidents after being raised to go potty on grass. Even after I picked up Winifred, Tamara still allowed me to contact her with questions & worries. Overall, there is not a place I trust more than Spottadachs. My pup has zero health issues, a stomach of steel, the happiest, snuggliest demeanor. Tamara – thank you for being the most wonderful breeder & giving me the best puppy in the world.