We purchased our Fender from Tamara Holdaway with Spottadachs and could not be happier. Tamara is an excellent breeder producing show quality, heathy, genetically sound puppies from genetically tested parents. Tamara then begins the process of teaching the puppies socialization, playtime activities, and housebreaking guidelines that can be reproduced in the forever home. Fender is well adjusted and curious but not fearful of new noises. We duplicated the grass setup house training that Tamara has at her puppy school and Fender has not had any accidents which is amazing! Tamara takes breeding puppies seriously and runs her breeding business professionally with a plan to send the puppy home that includes everything new puppy parents need information wise and suggestions and samples of products to keep your puppy busy during those first few days. Tamara is available via phone or text for support but more than that Tamara really cares about her puppies and it really shows in her continuing study of this beautiful breed. So happy with Fender our puppy and Tamara made the purchase process very easy and stressless.