Coming across Tamaras site was kismet! I was planning on the end of summer/fall to get a new babe and was doing extensive research on breeders when I discovered Spottadachs. I was surprised to see there were puppies available so I decided to take a look and saw my Emi. I knew right in that moment he was my dog so I reached out. Turns out Emi wasn’t something Tamara had planned for either but she cared for him and his siblings just as if they had come from one of her own pair. Emi was exceptionally small and Tamara was so great about updates, making sure he got to a healthy weight, and we were both more than happy to let him stay w her just a couple more weeks so we both knew he’d make the trip safe. Tamara’s wonderful husband met me half way between San Diego and Utah and brought me my lil guy safe and sound. He’s now a California dude and doing great. Tamara always told me he was spunky and he certainly is! But I’m amazed and so pleased with his confidence. He does great w the other dogs he has met so far, children, and loooves meeting new people. I’m so happy I chose to work w spottadachs and felt assured and comfortable from beginning to end thanks to the puppy cams, pictures, and responsiveness of Tamara. Should I ever be on the market again for another dachshund (which I probably will) Spottadachs will always be my go to!