Sniffari Adventures

When it gets hot out everyone enjoys time in our 1/2 acre private beach and dog park while I sit in the shade and work on updates on my laptop, or do nail trims and wire hair stripping out where it is easiest to clean up (the birds love to collect the hair for their nests).

40 tons of sand to dig in, tunnels, old rotted logs, an overgrown bush full of cat and bird smells, wild grass to eat and roll in, and tons of other sniffari adventures await every day.

One of their favorite activities is when I toss nugget ice cubes, or fruit bits in the pond to bob for.

The pond has a wonderful fountain that not only aids in cooling us with the mist but has 5 levels of filters plus UV light to help keep the water clean. When the dogs quit stirring up the mud/sand on the bottom you can actually see the resident goldfish.