The last two weeks have been a bit rough here at Spottadachs, especially for our beloved wires.

It is with a broken heart I have to report we lost all but one of Mia’s pups due to complications of their rough birth. They inhaled a lot of yucky fluids during delivery leading to several infections in their precious fragile little bodies. After a week of long sleepless nights keeping watch over their IVs and oxygen treatments, only one pup responded to the antibiotics in time to be saved.

We are still keeping a very close eye on the remaining pup to be safe so she will not be offered to the waitlist until we are positive she is safely past any chance of further complications. We have decided due to this being Mia’s second rough delivery she will be retiring early.

In an effort to keep Mia’s remaining pup active, and help Mia not become depressed, as well as give Velvet a little relief from her large litter we have been alternating some of Velvet’s pups on to Mia who is more than happy to oblige.

The two-week size difference is almost comical

Unfortunately, there is still more!

We recently added a beautiful new wire boy to our pack with hopes of adding him to our future lineup.

Sadly upon arrival, we discovered that his leg had been broken a couple of weeks previous and never properly taken care of.

His breeder claims she had no idea, that they are her husband’s hunting dogs…. I knew the moment I held him in my arms, how could they not only of noticed but have still been taking an 11-week-old puppy out deer hunting with them.

We took him to our vet for x-rays to confirm my suspicions. I had hoped it would be a clean break that could be repaired but instead, we found not only what must have been a very painful break but also damage to his wrist and growth plate making repair highly improbable. It has been advised that the most humane thing to do will be to amputate his leg. šŸ™

We are looking at every option before making any decisions that will so greatly affect his life.

His breeder Haley N. Sexton of Attaway Retrievers has chosen to ignore all contact attempts since she was informed of the diagnosis.

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  1. This is so very sad! Iā€™m sorry, Tamara. These are difficult times, for sure.