Lots of news here at Spottadachs!

All but one of Velvet’s pups have headed to their new home so now the last little girl is playing big sister to Charlotte’s crew in the big pup area.

Charlotte’s pups have gotten so big and SO fluffy can you believe they are not reserved yet?

Meanwhile, we have some new arrivals to announce! Tinkerbelle and Mousse’s litter arrived late January 5th and what a gorgeous pack of pups they are. Be sure to check them out on our current puppies page

We also have a new Beauty thanks to Briarwood Kennel in Idaho. I can’t tell you how excited I am already looking forward to litters from her and Mousse or Harvey when she grows up. In the meantime, she has been accepted by our pack other than Echo who is super jealous if she comes near “her person” aka me.

Finally, the countdown is on for Ellie and Monkey who are getting bigger and bigger every day.