Monkey’s litter has finally arrived!

They came in a great rush at 2:30 am, literally all of them at once! Most deliveries spread out over a couple of hours. They were shooting out faster than I could dry and tend to cords.

Monkey and Demi are the proud parents of 6 beautiful puppies. All will be long hair but they will still be on hold for around 2 weeks to be sure they are doing well before we start with waitlist picks.

Puppy #6 would have been missed completely ( I almost wrapped her up to be removed with the placentas) in the rush of things. If she hadn’t been the most vocal and determined one of the batch, which in her case is quite a miracle! She is less than a quarter the size of her siblings. Usually, tiny pups like this have health problems but by some miracle, she is not just surviving but thriving so far. She was the only one who did not need Oxygen and she latched on of her own accord almost immediately. We are hopefully optimistic and watching her very closely but are just amazed at her tenacity.

Pictures do not do her size difference justice!

Monkey is doing well and being a VERY devoted mother so we will have to wait until tomorrow to get more pictures. She did not appreciate me taking them long enough for weights already.

Besides, Monkey and I both could sure use a nap!