There is no shortage of puppies to love over here!

Harmony welcomed four beautiful new little blessings yesterday. It has been a bit of a rough go for Harmony as #5 was delayed and so has crossed the rainbow bridge far too early. Harmony is recovering now but rather groggy from medications so she will have round-the-clock helping hands to keep her pups close and nursing for as long as she needs.

Tinks pups are hitting that fun but loud play stage as they find their voices and learn the difference between soft and rough play.

Ellie’s Pups are starting to explore the world outside their bed this week

Monkey’s Pups are not far behind Ellie’s on mobility

Picasso’s pups are starting to tease us with peepers

And if that is not enough puppy love for you we are looking forward to a Beanie x Mousse litter the first week of March, as well as Birdy x Cole repeat litter, and Phoenix x TBD in April.