Beanie’s litter has arrived!

Labor began early Thursday (03/09) and ended in our vet’s office around 2 am with an emergency C-Section. The first two pups delivered right on schedule however #3 and 4 decided to fight over who was coming next and managed to get wedged tight.

I suspected something was amiss and thankfully listened to that still small voice to take her to the vet rather than wait it out any longer. Poor Beanie had a ruptured uterus and would have bled out internally had surgery not taken place. Due to the blockage, there were no outward warning signs.

Despite our vet’s assurance, she would be able to heal completely and be bred again we have decided her health comes first and will be retiring this sweet mama. Her legacy will be carried on thru her daughter Candy and possibly one of the girls in her final litter as well.

I am sure all my friends think I am nuts when I called them to excitedly tell them Beanie pooped today. The surgery recovery has been very rough and concerning for Beanie and us as well. Amazingly this is only my second C-Section in 20+ years of breeding Dachshunds. The first broke my heart when we lost our sweet Raven shortly after so I am extra anxious for Beanie. She has not felt up to eating, drinking, or pottying the last two days so we have been giving her fluids via IV, and her medications literally a drop at a time every few minutes to avoid it upsetting her stomach. Today I was able to tempt her to take a few licks of vanilla ice cream which helps give calcium so vitally needed to help her heal and produce milk for her pups.

Picasso who is just starting to wean her own pups has stepped up to help supplement the pups until Beanie can produce as much as they need. If deemed necessary for Beanie’s health and best interest we will remove her pups to be raised by someone else but we want to give her every chance to enjoy her pups as long as it is not dangerous for her own health. Despite feeling awful she is still being a doting mother. I personally can’t imagine having multiple babies climbing all over my stitches after a major surgery but thankfully dogs have a much different pain tolerance than us.

Today ended with me counting my blessings for Beanie’s presence and improving health, as well as 5 beautiful new angels to snuggle and spoil until they go home with their families.