The Short List

The short list of things to know before getting a Dachshund…

Coats and Temperament:

There are four coat types only three recognized by AKC. Long, Smooth, and Wire.

Wire as the AKC standard reads, is genetically smooth with furnishings. When they are long with furnishings it is called soft or silky wire and is much more time-consuming to care for which most people do not keep up with.

Smooth and wire are similar energy levels while longs GENERALLY are more kickback couch potatoes. Wires tend to have the most drive/instinct. When it is triggered their brains turn off and they completely ignore everything but the “prey”. Wires are highly intelligent and will come up with unique ways to get your attention, and almost cat-like aloofness but still love to cuddle.

If Dachshunds are potato chips then longs are the nice mellow corn chip while smooths are the Cheetos, and Wires are the flaming jalapeño nachos. They definitely spice up your life.

The only “issue” I have had with wires is they will not back down from a fight! Exactly how they were bred to be but not what most PET owners want nowadays.


There are three sizes (only two recognized by AKC) Miniature up to 11 lbs, and Standard 16+. The sizes in the middle are lovingly referred to as Tweeny.


Dachshunds come in more colors (as well as coat types and sizes) than any other breed. While all the flashy colors are very appealing you will regret overlooking temperament, conformation, and health just because the puppy is flashy. Be sure to ask questions, look at references, and consider the entire picture.

Piebald with ticking is the same gene as the spots on Dalmation, Heeler, and many Spaniels or Pointers.

Dapple as it is called in Dachshunds is the merle gene. When it is doubled (at certain sine lengths) it can cause blindness, deafness, internal issues, and sterility. Every case is different. Not all dapples with white are double dapples this is an old wives tale. Several things can cause white on a Dachshund you can read more about double dapple in our Learn More menu section.

Male VS Female

One of the biggest things I wish all buyers knew is males are generally better companions.

Males are more lovey and loyal. While there are exceptions females generally are more independent unless they are the anxiety-prone type that needs constant touch.

Spayed females tend to be more moody and have a harder time with weight due to the loss of those regulating hormones. Just like people.

Males are also less expensive to neuter.

Don’t get me wrong females also make great pets they are just a bit more like cats LOL

Sibling Syndrome

Sibling syndrome is a thing but it doesn’t just affect siblings. It is common with dogs especially miniature breeds when they become so attached to their companion they can not easily or safely be separated. Sibling Syndrome is easily combatted by taking each dog/puppy on regular solo outings from the beginning. Any pair of dogs that are never apart will become so attached it can cause health problems when suddenly split up. The same goes for solo dogs that are never socialized with other people or leave their main caretaker. I have seen so many heart-wrenching cases where an owner dies and the poor dog is so traumatized it dies from a broken heart itself.

We have had countless successful sibling adoptions it just requires a little extra time and thought on the family’s part.

Backs and Stairs

If you are considering buying a Dachshund you need to read up on IVDD/CDDY. While there is a known link to the CDDY gene which 95% of Dachshunds carry (it is what causes the short legs and long backs) it is also known that back issues can happen to dogs with one copy OR two copies of the gene, there is more to the story!

Digging and Hunting

Dachshunds LOVE to dig they were bred to dig and hunt! Do not be surprised when they bring you presents (they will be very proud) of dead lizards, mice, birds, etc..

The best way to avoid your yard being destroyed from their need to dig is give them a nice deep kiddie pool or corner of the yard full of sand. Snuffle mats also help satisfy the need to dig but nothing like a good sand pile and tunnel.

Hard to Potty Train

Dachshunds are not hard to potty train if started properly by their breeder. Whatever type of flooring/potty area they are on at 4-6 weeks is what they will prefer to potty on the rest of their life. They can be trained to other types but it takes work and dedication which is why they are often labeled as hard to potty train.

Scammers and you get what you pay for:

Ask questions! If the breeder you are considering getting a puppy from doesn’t have the time or is unable to answer your questions without directing you to someone or an article that can, they MIGHT not be breeding to preserve and improve the breed.

There are a lot of breeders (and scammers) out there just in it for the money, especially since Covid.

You get what you pay for! Only want a $500. puppy make sure you sign up for insurance immediately because I guarantee you will have health problems.

Even if I didn’t health test my adults, invest in enrichment for my dogs, research and buy the best food I can, or pay more to split vaccines so less chance of reactions, I would still spend more than $500. to raise each puppy to 8 weeks.

If it sounds too good to be true IT IS!

Scammers will use all sorts of tactics some of the most common things to watch out for are:

Bad spelling

Non descript or too descriptive names like Dachshund Puppies for rehoming, anything with Adorable, Beautiful, Glamorous, Perfect, Quality, Smart, Sweet, etc. it is more than likely a SCAM.

Also watch for breeders that have multiple similar sized breeds. While they could be legitimate it is less likely they are dedicated to bettering or preserving the breed and are much higher likelyhood of accidental cross breeding.

Puppy photos all have different backgrounds

No or multiple watermarks on photos (photos can be reverse searched on google to see if they show up on other websites.

Price is too good to be true

Offering to take payments

References or Updates that have another kennel or person’s name

No, or new social media accounts

Refusal to do Facetime or video chat (Spottadachs offers live puppy cams as well) or speak in person on the phone.

Sometimes scammers say they are hard of hearing and have to use a service

Questionable payment methods like postal money order, gift cards, or via Venmo or cashapp as a freind “to save them fees”

Asking where you are located first question then saying OH I am close by or in the same town.

Seller Claims to Not Be a Breeder. They have a purebred dog that just had puppies, they are only breeding once, or helping a friend sell their puppies.

Rushing you to make an immediate decision.

Does not offer previewable health record or guarentee

Will not allow pickup only shipping. While it is not unusual for breeders to have an area separate from where puppies are kept too do pickups refusing to meet in person at all and/or show the parents of your puppy is a big warning sign. If they are not a scammer they probably do not take very good care of their dogs.

We do allow in person pickup at 8 weeks but do not allow coming and choosing a puppy before that time due to the potential for germ introduction. You can read more about our policy on in person visits here.

Things you can do to help avoid a scam:

Ask the person to take a picture or better yet video of the litter of puppies with a note with your name and that day’s date. If they are a scammer they won’t be able to do it because they don’t have the puppies and they will stop messaging you. If they are a legit breeder, they should be willing to do this for you.

Ask for their veterinarian’s name, location and phone number. THEN Google them and find out if the phone numbers match up.

Google their name and/or kennel name

Visit the