Happy 4th of July weekend family and friends.

It’s that time of year when more pets get lost or run off more than any other so be sure if you have changed any of your contact info in the last year that you let us know so we can update your pup’s microchip.

We are celebrating the holiday with new arrivals! Wolfie and Xanadu recently welcomed 5 gorgeous wire pups!

We also have an abundance of pups that are seeking their own independence day so we are offering $500. off any of our ready-to-go pups now through July 4th! Buy a compatible pair of boys together and we will take an additional $200. off.

If you have already taken home one of our pups in the past we offer an additional $100. off to returning families.

If you have been thinking about getting your pup a new brother or sister now is the time!

We have several boys that have even had their rabies vaccination and are past that hard puppy stage if you know an older couple or family member that has been thinking of getting a companion but isn’t up for raising a puppy.

These boys just really need the freedom to be bonding with their own families.

Check them out on our Available Pups page