Puppy Lovin

I am finally getting caught up with updates (I think)! Current litters from Oldest to Youngest: Xanadu x Wolfie (One boy has already gone to his new home the rest are still on the hunt) Candy X Mousse (Three of these sweet babies will be going to their new homes this weekend, and two are …

Candy’s sweet treats!

Candy and Mousse’s litter has arrived. What a cool selection they gave us! All pups are long hair and creams. So much delicious chocolate and plenty of spots! These guys are not lightweights at 8-9 oz each!

Independence Day

Happy 4th of July weekend family and friends. It’s that time of year when more pets get lost or run off more than any other so be sure if you have changed any of your contact info in the last year that you let us know so we can update your pup’s microchip. We are …

The Short List

The short list of things to know before getting a Dachshund… Coats and Temperament: There are four coat types only three recognized by AKC. Long, Smooth, and Wire. Wire as the AKC standard reads, is genetically smooth with furnishings. When they are long with furnishings it is called soft or silky wire and is much …

Heads Up!

Hey Spottadachs family and friends, we are expecting a major web server upgrade to happen on 04/18/23 which may or may not affect the website. Please do not panic if the website is down off and on over the next 24 hours. You can of course still text me at 435-238-5400 if you have any …

Little Birdy’s

Birdy and Cole”s litter has arrived! We have a nest full of beautiful baby birds! Four boys and two girls We can’t wait to see what their coats will be

Mother Nature is …..

I don’t think Mother Nature can make up her mind here in Utah. 9 AM Noon! After a half hour frolicking in the snow as deep as they are tall they all decided it was nap time in their favorite “sunny” window spot or on the office couch.