Breeding Rights

Many breeders are against offering breeding rights because as breeders we invest years of blood, sweat, and tears into our programs only to find far too many people want to jump in and use our reputation, and proven bloodlines without the heart-wrenching lessons, education, sacrifice, or dedication for the betterment of the breed or our dogs lives.

Many think buying a puppy without papers or pet-only papers for breeding is an easy way to make money. Why would anyone throw away the generations of purebred registration and careful breeding our dogs have except to be cheap? In our opinion people who are too cheap to invest in the best they can, are likely to also not invest in the best care and future for the puppy/dog either. To avoid this our sales contract includes legal repercussions if someone breeds a dog from us purchased without breeding rights regardless of if they want AKC registration or not.

If you are doing it right by the breed and your dogs, you WILL NOT make a profit in the first couple of years. 85% of the new breeders we mentor do not last more than a year because they don’t realize:

It costs money! So much more than just purchasing the best dogs you can. The supplies to whelp just one litter are well over $2500. if you are starting from scratch and not including the vet bills and lack of sleep. Everytime someone tells me they just want to breed once so they can keep a puppy I wonder if they realize it would honestly be cheaper to just buy a second puppy.

It takes time to build a reputation. With all the scammers out there buyers are very weary of new breeders especially if you do not sound like you know what you’re doing.

It takes time to learn the market has ups, and downs. Both seasonally but also in what is popular. You may invest in what’s pleasing to you or the latest fad only to find that is not what buyers are wanting by the time your dogs reach breeding age.

It takes time to heal and learn from the heartbreak of losing a puppy from a mistake that could have been avoided.

It takes time to become familiar with bloodlines each one’s strengths and weaknesses, and how to improve them. Even if you buy a breeding pair from our proven bloodlines it is not guaranteed you will be able to ask the same prices we do. We have been breeding (and improving every generation) for just under 30 years now.

All of our dogs are AKC registered, fully health tested, fed only the very best, and regularly examined by our vet all of which are expenses! We re-invest the majority part of the price of each puppy back into our kennel in those ways. The remainder we invest in our buyers in the form of live cams, take-home packs, professional photo-shoot supplies, ongoing support, and research to better every generation.

Selling a puppy does not end when the final payment is made or when the pup goes out the door. We daily answer multiple questions, calm fears, and provide support to our customers. That continues for the LIFETIME of our puppies.

This being said we do offer full rights to approved breeders with like-minded programs, and new(er) breeders willing to learn ethical methods and responsible breeding practices because we firmly believe in not only preserving but bettering the breed.

To be considered to purchase one of our pups with breeding or showing rights, I do ask that you fill out the Breeders Questionnaire (below) and provide at least 4 references.  One must be your veterinarian, and the others need to be either other breeders or handlers that are familiar with you, your dogs, and your program.  One of these three must have visited your home/kennel. 

If you are just getting started then references from your groomer, the place you board your dog, your trainer, or another dog-related professional that can attest to the care you give your dog(s).

If you have never owned a dog let alone a Dachshund before you are more than welcome to purchase a pup (or 3) from us and spend a year getting to know the breed and its quirks. We can discuss the possibility of adding breeding rights later. It is recommended you let us know that is your intention though as there is a substantial fee to change registration from pet only to full rights.

In addition, I want to hear from you about your goals in breeding, showing, and other activities.  I want to know how your dogs are kept and your philosophies in breeding.  Every program is different, but I want to know what the life of my puppy would be like in your program.  I want to know that the bloodlines I have been entrusted with by others will continue to be treated respectfully and bred responsibly. 

Breeding/show rights plus lifetime mentorship thru Spottadachs is $1000. additional to the listed price of a puppy.

We have put no less than this into each parent’s genetics and testing so feel this is not an unfair amount to ask for peace of mind for your breeding program. You are free to find a cheaper breeder and risk buying an untested pup, pay to test it only to find out it carries something, then only be able to sell it for half what you paid ( we have had this happen several times buying from even the best show breeders) or you can save time and money by buying an already proven bloodline.

We do offer a discount on this fee with proof of completion (certificate) from one of the following:

Breeders Bootcamp Master Class You can use the code “spotta10” for a 10% discount (This course is great for new breeders and experienced breeders open to new ideas for improvement)

AKC Breeder 7 Courses/Exams (These courses are cheaper but much more difficult for new breeders)

Breeders Questionnaire

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Fellow Breeder, groomer, trainer, or other dog related professional