Puppy Lovin

I am finally getting caught up with updates (I think)! Current litters from Oldest to Youngest: Xanadu x Wolfie (One boy has already gone to his new home the rest are still on the hunt) Candy X Mousse (Three of these sweet babies will be going to their new homes this weekend, and two are …

Candy’s sweet treats!

Candy and Mousse’s litter has arrived. What a cool selection they gave us! All pups are long hair and creams. So much delicious chocolate and plenty of spots! These guys are not lightweights at 8-9 oz each!

Little Birdy’s

Birdy and Cole”s litter has arrived! We have a nest full of beautiful baby birds! Four boys and two girls We can’t wait to see what their coats will be

Counting Our Blessings

Beanie’s litter has arrived! Labor began early Thursday (03/09) and ended in our vet’s office around 2 am with an emergency C-Section. The first two pups delivered right on schedule however #3 and 4 decided to fight over who was coming next and managed to get wedged tight. I suspected something was amiss and thankfully …

Picasso’s Masterpiece

Picasso and Tigger’s amazing litter has arrived! I can’t wait to share them with you they are simply breathtaking. All are healthy and thriving, with 3 girls and 2 boys. Picasso inherited her Grandma Raven’s amazing mothering instinct and dedication.

Monkey Business

Monkey’s litter has finally arrived! They came in a great rush at 2:30 am, literally all of them at once! Most deliveries spread out over a couple of hours. They were shooting out faster than I could dry and tend to cords. Monkey and Demi are the proud parents of 6 beautiful puppies. All will …