Good Dog

Why do we use Good Dog?

Good Dog was created specifically to give buyers and sellers a safer option. Good Dog provides buyers loads of helpful articles and blogs on how to best raise and socialize their new pup.

Payments made through Good Dog are fully protected and guaranteed by a company that understands the dog world, and the risks of buying a puppy from someone you have never met.

PayPal and Venmo do not offer mediation or buyer protection because they do not support animal sales. If you are set on using Paypal or Venmo we have that option available but think you will find much more security in using Good Dog.

Our favorite part of Good Dog is access to industry-leading specialists including canine health and behavior researchers, people with decades of experience working with and breeding dogs, as well as lawyers with a background in contract law and dispute resolution.

We are a Good Dog certified breeder! This is not something easy that just any breeder can get.

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