How to reserve a puppy

If you have not yet completed either our Getting to know you Application, Waitlist Application, or Good Dog Application please do so FIRST

We require a $500. non-refundable hold deposit to reserve a puppy, this applies toward the price of your desired pup and is non-refundable unless something happens to the puppy while in our care and a suitable replacement is not available.

If you have already completed an application, as well as read over our sample Health Guarantee and Sales Contract please feel free to complete the following form to begin placing a deposit on the puppy of your choice.

You will be sent a copy of the purchase invoice and Health Guarantee to this email so please be sure it is a valid one
Mom's name and collar color is easiest reference for us

Upon clicking submit you will be directed to our Good Dog Payment Page

The required deposit amount is $500.

Why do we use Good Dog to process our payments?

Electronic payment methods offer speed and convenience. But why use Good Dog instead of Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, Facebook Pay, or other options?

Because Good Dog has your back, and they don’t. Good Dog has a certified legal team familiar with both owning and breeding dogs that are available to mediate any disputes that may come up. Paypal, Venmo and the rest DO NOT mediate or handle disputes involving animal sales leaving you no recourse if something goes wrong.

Payments are processed on a secure, SSL-encrypted platform, including security specialists and fraud detection systems to protect you 24/7.

Anyone can request and receive payments on existing platforms like PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle, because they don’t always screen their participants. This allows scammers and disreputable actors to fake breeder credentials or create fraudulent personas. As a result, puppy buyers have sent thousands of dollars overseas or to unethical sources, and don’t always receive a happy, healthy dog at the end — or at all. Last year alone, prospective pet parents lost $3M due to pet scams.

When you pay on Good Dog with Protection & Support, your payment and puppy are backed by the Good Dog Guarantee.

Buyers who complete a full dog payment through Good Dog with Protection & Support also get free access (a $235 value) to Good Dogs online Puppy Training Program. A world-class puppy program with Dr. Gayle Watkins, PhD, trainers, and behaviorists with over 70 years of combined experience. The program includes online courses, live coaching, and detailed guides to help you raise a healthy, happy dog.

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Why are Spottadachs pups so expensive?

All of our dogs are AKC registered, health tested, fed only the very best, bred only for a limited time, and regularly examined by our vet all of which are expenses! We re-invest the majority part of the price of your puppy back into our kennel in those ways. The remainder we invest in our buyers in the form of live cams, take-home packs, professional photo shoots, ongoing support, and research to better every generation.

Sure you can find cheaper pups but at what risk?

Buying a puppy from Spottadachs does not end when your final payment is made or when the pup goes out the door. Anyone who buys a pup becomes part of the family. We pride ourselves in remaining available to answer questions, calm fears, and provide support for the LIFETIME of your puppy. A majority of our buyers return for a second puppy.

All puppies come with a lifetime genetic health guarantee, and support as well as an in-depth health record, and registered microchip. AKC Registration is additionally available.