Specializing in loving, healthy, outgoing, true-to-breed type miniature (and sometimes tweeny) dachshunds with personalities bigger than life.

Dachshunds come in a rainbow of colors and patterns from Red, Black/Tan, Chocolate, ee Red, Blue, Isabella, Wheaton, English Cream, Shaded Cream, Dapple, Brindle, to Piebald, with or without ticking. At Spottadachs we carefully plan our litters to not produce dilute or double dapple because of the adverse health effects they can have. These are only some of the options that make Dachshunds the most colorful of any dog breed. Did you know Dachshunds have more coat types than any other breed as well… Long, smooth, and wire are the three accepted by AKC.

Some of our puppies even have multiple patterns but at Spottadachs Miniature Dachshunds health, temperament, conformation, and the families that take our puppies home are our number one priority.

All of our dogs are health tested to ensure they do not have any genetic issues that can be passed on to their offspring. This enables us to feel confident in offering our puppies a LIFETIME genetic health guarantee.

Our dogs both young and old receive only the best food and care following our breeding philosophy which puts their health and mental well-being first.

Our dogs are not kept in crates, on wire, or sleep on cold concrete floors, we strongly believe in giving our dogs as natural a pack-like social life as possible while still experiencing life in a household setting. Everyday life is an adventure with our pack.

Our pups (as adopting families get to watch on the 24/7 live puppy cams) begin socialization from a very young age starting with daily touch and sound sessions. Once they are old enough to play (supervised) with the rest of our pack they begin learning proper canine social cues which in turn will help them respect their human family as well.

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