Badgerdachs Little Pinto Bean  AKA: Beanie

Owned By: Tiara Holdaway (daughter) – Badgerdachs

Whelped: 06/22/2021    Out of DJ and Tigger

Color:  Shaded Red Brindle Piebald

(Ee  kbr/ky  ay/at  Dd  Bb  Nl   Rr  spsp  mm & MFSD12= Red/Cream)

Coat:  Long

Weight: 11 lbs 02/26/23


Testing: Beanie is Full Panel Clear health tested. This means she does not have or carry any genetic health risks that can be passed to her offspring.

See her health results here


What does she carry: ee, chocolate, dilute, and English cream

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Beanie is fiercely protective of her people and my constant shadow unless someone spots a cat, or squirrel, or dove then she has to take care of her duty to protect. She is one of those dogs that makes eye contact, and I swear can read your mind while staring so deeply into your eyes. Her favorite things are sunny windowsills, crinkly toys, and enticing her best friend Harmony to rough house.