Name: Spotta Diamond In The Rough “Cole”

Whelped: 09/26/2020

Color/Coat: Black/Cream Dapple Smooth (EE Kyky atat DD Bb Ssp M*m rr Cream/cream

Weight: 14  lbs 02/26/23

Testing:  Cole like his parents is full panel clear which means he does not carry any hereditary conditions that can be passed to his future offspring

To see his color and health results click here

What does he carry:  Cole carries Chocolate, Piebald, and long hair. He will also throw cream and dapple like his own.

A great big thanks to Briarwood and Rockydachs Kennels for allowing us to add this beautiful boy to our family!




Cole is the very definition of a good boy! He is so mellow for a male he doesn’t bark or obsess over the girls like every other male I have known yet never fails to get the “job” done. Cole is kind of an old-soul type of dog he is more than happy to just sit by your side quietly. Sadly he absolutely hates having his picture taken the minute I point my phone or camera at him he goes from all smiles to looking like I just yelled at him. I have tried treats, praise, you name it he just freezes up and gets this awful look in his eye. At least his puppies are photogenic!
We searched for a very long time for what we call our unicorn males. Cole is our dream stud he carries everything we want and doesn’t carry the things we didn’t want to chance of producing like dilute or ee.
While he doesn’t have the light silvery dapple look that is so sought after he sure throws it! Cole is a very laid-back and chill dog. Instead of annoying you till you pet him like so many he will just sit by my side and wait quietly for me to notice him. He loves his cow hooves and going for rides.