Now part of  Telsey’s Family


  1. Telsey Farnsworth

    Spottadachs Kennel got us the perfect pup! Frank isn’t afraid of anything, his bffs all smoke him by at least 20+lbs and he never backs down! He’s the cuddliest yet so independent, and super smart. Almost too smart. Definitely reccomend one of Raven or Belles pups hands down!

  2. Telsey Farnsworth (verified owner)

    Frank is the perfect addition to our family! He uses his doggy door, or whines when he needs to go potty. Eats like a champ! And has become best friends with my brothers Aussiedoodle pup. Everyone that meets him adores him, and has all the shop guys wrapped around his finger. Sleeps through the night in his crate, and chills in there just for fun. Hes a smart little cookie!

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