Spotta Fabled Demi-Gold  AKA: Demi

Whelped: 01/20/2022

Color:  Shaded Cream Brindle

( Ee KbKy ayat DD NN BB Nl Ssp mm Rr & MFSD12= Cream/Cream)

Coat:  Long

Weight: 14 lbs 02/26/23

Testing:  Demi is Full Panel Clear health tested. This means he does not have or carry any genetic health risks that can be passed to his offspring.

See his health results here


Demi comes to us from my dear friend and longest co-breeder at Fabledachs. We have been thru thick and thin together over the years so I am super proud to have one of her dogs in my pack.  Several of our cream girls which Demi will get to pair with trace back to the original Cream lines she imported from South Africa when we both were starting Dachshunds 20+ years ago.



Demi is the clown of the boys maybe it’s because he is the youngest but the only way I can describe him is the derpy dorky kid. He is always bouncing, climbing, or jumping off something. Not necessarily hyper just a busy body that has to know what everyone else is doing and is sure he is missing out on something good.

He hasn’t quite hit full hormonal mode yet which seems to be attractive to some of the more “timid” girls because he thinks it’s all a big game so is bouncing all around rather than intimidating them.

Demi’s favorites are very open he loves everyone and everything really.