J&Js Ellie Bug   AKA: Ellie

Owned By: Tiara Holdaway (daughter) – BadgerdachsKennel

Whelped: 07/26/2019

Color:  Shaded Cream    E/E Ay/At Ky/Ky D/D B/B S/S m/m Cream/Cream

Coat: Long

Weight: 10 lbs 02/26/23


Health Testing:    Ellie is one of only 7% of dachshunds that does not carry any copies of IVDD.  She is not affected by any illnesses.
However, she is a carrier for PRA (an eye disorder). When bred to a clear male which all of our males are, her pups will never be affected. Because of this, we offer her pups as pets only but feel fully confident in still offering our signature lifetime health guarantee knowing none of her puppies will ever be affected.

See Ellie’s health and Color testing results here

What does she carry: English Cream



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Ellie came to us from a less-than-desirable situation and has had to learn how to be a dog. Thankfully where our dogs are raised in a pack from a very early age they quickly teach newcomers how to play and interact with others properly. Because of a lack of socialization until she came to us Ellie is fearful of people she doesn’t know. She LOVES the people she does know with everything she has.
Ellie loves to cram herself up under your armpit when you sit, I guess it helps her feel secure. It works out though because the lap is usually already full of hyper dogs, and Charlotte or Monkey are wrapped around my neck like a scarf, so the armpit sis her quiet spot alone. She also loves to have her ears stroked or her chest scratched and that puts her in a perfect position for it.

Ellie is an amazing mom and I don’t say that lightly. Maybe it’s her smaller litters of 4-5 or a stronger instinct but she is the one we never have to worry about laying on her pups and she must have wonderful fatty milk because her pups are always chunks.