Spotta Ebony & Ivory In Harmony  AKA: Harmony

Whelped: 05/05/2021    Out of Sprinkles and Harvey

Color:  Black/Tan  Piebald (Em/E  Ky/Ky  at/at B/b  D/d  sp/sp  m/m R/R )

Coat:  Long


Testing:  Harmony is not affected by any illnesses.
However, she is a carrier for PRA (an eye disorder). When bred to a clear male (all of our males are clear), her pups will never be affected. Because of this, we offer her pups as pets only but feel fully confident in still offering our signature lifetime health guarantee knowing none of her puppies will ever be affected.

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What does she carry: Chocolate, Dilute, Mask, and Ticking