• J&JS Little Harvey     AKA: Harvey
  • Whelped:  08/26/2019
  • Color:  Black/Tan Harlequin (Mh 277) Dapple Piebald with ticking spots   (E/E ky/ky at/at D/d B/b sp/sp M*m )
  • Coat: Smooth     (L/l  G/T)
  • Weight:  13 lbs 02/26/23
  • Health Testing:  Clear via Embark. This means he does not have or carry any genetic health risks that will be passed to his offspring.

See his health and color testing results here

Harvey has also been merle sine length tested by UC Davis and found to be Harlequinn dapple or Mh 277.

To read more about Dapple (AKA: the merle gene) check out Merle – SINE Insertion from Mc to Mh – The Incredible Story of Merle

What does he carry:

Harvey carries chocolate, dilute, and long hair



Harvey (sometimes my daughters call him Barbie) is kind of a drama queen but he came to us from a much less socialized situation so is still learning how to dog. He has made leaps and bounds literally since he arrived. He is still not sure about snuggling or petting but wants to be loved so badly if I hold out my arms he will jump any height right into them.

Harvey did bring one nice trait from his former lifestyle which is to get along with other males. His easy going personality toward other males has helped us be able to allow all the boys to play together which in the past was not an option. Harvey just seems to have a calming effect on the other boys who pick up on his play invites and start to loosen up themselves.

Harvey to not be crude might of invented the term wham bam thank you mam. Unlike Tigger who is a playboy and a schmoozer. Harvey likes to get down to business and has an amazing track record of beautiful pups. He throws color on every litter even if mom doesn’t carry piebald.

Harvey is a harlequin merle (called dapple in dachshunds) this means he has a different dapple gene length than the more typical silvery dapple.

Harlequinn dapple is not the same gene that causes the Harlequinn great danes. It often causes white patches and some will develop large khaki, tan, or gray patches later that do not show as much on new pups. Sometimes people also call this tweed but that is not the appropriate term for this gene.

We have been surprised to see how his pups have changed every time we get updates.

Harvey has not passed OFA hip/elbow qualifications do to injuries to his hips as a pup before we got him. He was raised in a crate with very minimal exercise time and apparently also had a broken hip during that time as well. We were quite shocked to find out how his excessive time in a crate had cause him so much harm when we did his xrays. He is such a active BOUNCY boy I would have never guessed but we are taking precautions to keep him that way as he ages with the wonderful Life’s Abundance agility supplements to help his bones.