Whelped 04/13/2021

8 weeks old on 06/08/2021

Out of Mia and Tigger


Chocolate based shaded cream brindle smooth coat



Both parents are AKC registered and health tested


We handle each puppy daily to not only monitor its health but begin socialization even though they cannot yet hear or see they can smell and be desensitized to touch. Read about how we use Puppy School to help with desensitization.

We continue to monitor daily weights for the entire first week after that we do weekly checkups. We include a record of weights, vaccinations, and de-worming in the health record provided on each pup’s webpage. As a general rule, the pups will gain about an ounce a day through this time.

By week two eyes and ears begin opening and we can tell what type of coat the pups will have.

Week three is when the fun begins the pups start to get their bellies up off the ground, heads come up, and my personal favorite, play begins. This is when we start training the pups in earnest so many new sights, smells, and sounds to be exposed to so that shyness can be avoided.

To read more about how training and socialization continue click here.


  1. Jenica Cottrell

    We have brought home two Spottadachs puppies. Oscar is a long-haired mini black and tan. Everyone who meets him comments on how well socialized he is. He’s so friendly and sweet-tempered. He is absolutely fearless. Ginsburg is a short-haired mini brindle. He’s the class clown and a bit of a velcro dog. He wants to be cuddled and held as much as possible. Both dogs are very smart and became potty trained quite quickly thanks to Tammy’s puppy school. We love them both very much. They adore each other and when they aren’t playing tag, they’re cuddled together in one of their doggie beds. Tammy made sure we had tons of pictures from the start, so we were already in love before we brought our boys home. Tammy is an amazing breeder. She does everything possible to give her puppies the best start in life they can get, and has always been responsive and helpful with any questions we had.

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