Badgerdachs Just Monkeying Around   AKA: Monkey

Whelped:  11/29/2020

Color/Coat:  Chocolate Based Red Piebald (with ticking spots) Longhair       E/E Ay/At Ky/Ky D/d b/b sp/sp m/m Red/Cream

Weight: 16 lbs 02/26/23

Monkey is another one of our girls that has amazing bone so weighs much more than she looks like she would, and is a similar size to most of our 10 lb girls.


Health Testing:     Full Panel Clear which means she does not carry anything that can be genetically passed to her offspring.

See her health and color test results here


What does she carry: She carries for chocolate, dilute (Isabella and blue), as well as English cream.


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Monkey is a lover and a shadow I am constantly stepping or sitting on her because no matter which direction I turn she is hot on my heels. If she doesn’t beat me to my chair she immediately jumps up and assumes her odd position where she likes to wedge herself between my back and whatever I am sitting on. I think that is in part because she loved to be on my shoulder as a pup but has gotten to big now. That and my lap is always full so she has discovered she doesn’t have to fight anyone for my back. She loves to play with the puppies and is definitely a favorite aunt.