Spotta Chocolate Mousse Pie  

AKA: Mousse    (Pronounced: moose)

Whelped: 08/17/2021

Color:  Chocolate/Cream Dapple Piebald

( E/e  ky/ky  at/at  D/D  b/b  l/l   R/r  sp/sp  M*/m & MFSD12= Cream/Cream)

Coat:  Long

Weight: 12.5 lb 02/26/23

Testing:  Mousse is Full Panel Clear health tested. This means he does not have or carry any genetic health risks that can be passed to his offspring.

See his health results here




Mousse is the most cuddly ball of fluff and love you could ever want! His coat is the softest silkiest I have ever felt on a Dachshund. He is such a lover which does sometimes drive us a little crazy as he is very dedicated to his job and makes the most awful moaning sound when he can’t have the source of his obsession.

He gets along well with just about everyone in the pack although the older boys don’t much appreciate him moving in on their turf. His favorite things besides the girls are crunchy leaves, snow, and playing tag. He gets very excited about blankets fresh from the dryer and his nightly vitamin as well.