Raven x Cole December 2021

Whelped 12/18/2021

3 boys 2 girls

Sadly pup #6 got stuck and we had to take Raven to the vet for an emergency c-section. Our vet had nothing but praise for Raven’s hips and uterus condition said the C-Section would have no effect on her ability to have another litter. We took Raven home and thought everything went well, after the anesthesia wore off later that night she even wanted her pups back.

But tragically the next day she started having seizures (the vet thinks due to a blood clot) and passed away before we could make it back to his office.

Between bottle feeding and the help of Ellie who had a 2-week old litter, we were able to care for her now orphaned pups until Sprinkles had her much closer in age litter and could take over care.



What goes into breeding planning before it ever even occurs:

Starting the day our dogs are born we provide the best nutrition and socialization possible because we know it will also affect their future offspring.

Our prospective parents are health tested long before they are old enough to breed as well as evaluated for temperament and conformation.

When old enough to breed (not just physically but mentally as well) we carefully plan which mate will best suit and complement their genetic strengths and weaknesses. For instance, if mom is extra-long backed she will be bred to a slightly shorter backed mate to avoid back injuries. Our males are as carefully chosen as our females. You can read more about our breeding philosophy or why we breed here.

We also put hours and hours of research into genetics to help produce the colors and family-friendly personality we are proud to offer to you.

Color is never as important as temperament or health but we understand how alluring fun colors and patterns can be which is why our dogs are socialized, spoiled, and chosen for well-rounded temperament and proper breed type no matter the colors they produce.

We also know a young pup’s future personality can be shaped by its life as it grows. Even the most outgoing and Alpha-type personality pup can be affected by a single traumatic change, or how its human pack members treat it once it goes to its new home so we do our best to prepare our pups for taking the big changes in stride.  Read more about how our pups are socialized and begin training before their eyes even open.