Registered Name: Spotta Kostbar Berahthraben

Kostbar the german word for precious, valuable, sumptuous, luxurious. Berahthraben composed of Old High German elements beraht “bright” and hraban “raven,” hence “bright raven.”

Whelped: 05/05/2018

Color/Coat: Black/Tan Long  (e/E B/B ky/ky at/at S/S m/m)

Weight: 12 lbs

Testing:  Raven is Full Panel Clear.  This means she does not have or carry any genetic health risks that can be passed to her offspring.

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What does she carry:  Raven carries for recessive red and English cream.



A breeder understands the circle of life like no one else could. One part parent, one part friend we weep tears of joy at each birth and tears of heart break with each passing.
As our partners they warm more than just our hearts, they share their light with every home their offspring bless.
It is our choice to fill our hearts and homes with these beautiful souls whose lives are more temporary than our own. In that short span they teach us how to love unconditionally, live honestly, accept the things we cannot change, and delight in the simple moments.
As one life ends and another begins we carry on their memory never quite filling the hole their passing left instead expanding our hearts to welcome each new spark in the circle of life.
Like Cecilia, Ruby, and so many more before her our Raven passed her spark to the next generation and completed her path on this mortal realm early this morning.
She will live on forever thru her daughters Belle, Tinker, Kestrel, and Ducky, and Pheonix as well as thru their daughters and grand daughters.
She was our Alpha, fierce like a lion yet graceful, and a dedicated mother to the end.
Our entire pack will feel her loss.
Someday we will all be together again over the rainbow bridge.
RIP Spotta Kostbar Berahthraben