Sprinkles x Tigger December 2021

Whelped Christmas Day 2021 (12/25/21)

Sprinkles and Tigger have given us 3 beautiful brindle puppies. Sprinkles has also taken on Ravens 5 orphans so she has a nest full for sure.




Normally we spay our girls after 4 litters but Sprinkles just doesn’t want to give up being a mommy. We had her spay date all set she just had to lose some weight so the surgery would not be so risky. Spaying a female with large fat deposits especially on her stomach can lead to increased risk of excessive bleeding during surgery.

Instead despite long walks and diet food Sprinkles has gained more body fat. We ran out of time and she came in heat again so under the suggestion of our vet we will be breeding her again to avoid the chance of pyometra an infection that occurs as a result of hormonal changes in the female’s reproductive tract when they have heats but are not bred. The risk on her life is far less to let her body do what it naturally wants to do than to interfere with a risky surgery or meddling with nature by forcing her to skip. If she was not in peak health to handle a pregnancy we would probably just take the risk and do the surgery.

The plus about the situation is she will be having pups shortly after Raven who is notorious for very large litters so will be in a position to help Raven if she does not have a large litter herself.

We usually breed Sprinkles to a blk/tan dapple male but decided to let her have her choice of mates this time (hopefully her last) so we will be expecting a lovely litter out of Sprinkles and Tigger.