Spotta Midnight Smoke Signals  AKA: Sprinkles

Whelped: 09/13/2017     Out of Codie and Ann

Color:  Black/Tan Brindle   (Em/E  B/B  D/D Kb/Kbr  at/at  S/sp  m/m)

Coat:  Smooth  (L/l)

Weight: 12 lbs

Testing:  Sprinkles is not affected by any illnesses.
However, she is a carrier for PRA (an eye disorder). When bred to a clear male her pups will never be affected. Because of this, we offer her pups as pets only but feel fully confident in still offering our signature lifetime health guarantee knowing none of her puppies will ever be affected.

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What does she carry:  Sprinkles carries for mask, brindle, piebald, and long hair.



Sprinkles like her mother before her was born what we call an old soul. She never was puppy playful or energetic instead preferring to just warm someone’s lap or sit studiously. She does play occasionally with the pups especially her own and with her sister Mia but mostly just wants to snuggle under a warm fluffy blanket.

Sprinkles has a tendency for putting on a little to much weight maybe because she isn’t constantly bouncing off walls like the others. We have scheduled her retirement/spay date a couple times only to have her put on more weight making it too risky for the surgery. Our vet keeps telling us its just natures way of saying let her do what she does best which is being a mother (and she is a great one) but where she is my youngest daughters special support companion also, the risk of something going wrong during birthing scares us more than normal.