• Spotta Cream Between The Lines   AKA: Tigger
  • Whelped:    2/6/2020
  • Color:  Red Brindle   (E/E  B/b Ky/kbr  ay/ay  sp/sp  m/m R/r)
  • Coat:  Smooth   (L/l  GG/CC)
  • Weight:  14 lbs 02/26/23
  • Health Testing:     Tigger, as well as his parents, are Full Panel Clear health tested. This means he does not have or carry any genetic health risks that can be passed to his offspring.
  • Tigger has also passed his hip and elbow checks (radiographs) with flying colors on 08/24/2020 and 02/09/2022

See his color and health results here

What does he carry:   Tigger carries for piebald, Chocolate, English cream, and long hair.


A big thanks to Camellia Creek Dachshunds for allowing us to add this gorgeous boy to our family.


Tigger is our magic man we consider ourselves extremely lucky to have found this beauty. We expected amazing color from him but never imagined the cool color results his traits test would surprise us with.
He is ay/ay which means he can never throw a black/tan or Chocolate offspring only red and cream offspring. This has made for some really cool colored pups from him. The most unique so far is a chocolate-based cream brindle. So cream body with chocolate stripes.

He is our playboy ALL the girls fall for him which does make it hard when some of them are not his girls. We have to make sure the girls can’t see him or they will pine rather than pay attention to their intended suitor. He is a pretty boy and he knows it what can I say.

He is a bit on the needy side when it comes to wanting ALL the human attention and the whole lap to himself as well.