Spotta Pixie’s Magic Dust MS  AKA: Tink

Whelped: 04/30/2021    Out of Raven and Harvey

Color:  Black/Tan    ( Ee  ky/ky  at/at  Dd  Bb  Nl   RR  Ssp  mm & MFSD12= Red/Cream)

Coat:  Smooth  (G/T)

Weight: 11 lbs 02/26/23


Testing: Tinkerbelle is Full Panel Clear health tested. This means she does not have or carry any genetic health risks that can be passed to her offspring.

See her health results here


What does she carry: Piebald, Chocolate, English Cream, ee red, and Dilute (Blue, Isabella)



Tinkerbelle was a bit of a shy pup but has blossomed into a sure-of-herself debutant. She inherited her mother’s alpha tendencies but thankfully is a bit more polite about it than Raven was. When she comes into the room tail up everyone pays attention. Tink prefers to do her own thing and has kind of a cat-like personality but that doesn’t stop her from wanting her share of the attention she just expects to be the only one and not to share the lap or couch. Her favorite things are being noticed and treated like the queen she is by other dogs and humans, as well as sticks to chew, and sunny spots she can really stretch out in and sun her belly.