Spotta Dozen Black Velvet Roses MS  AKA: Velvet

Whelped: 05/05/2021    Out of Bella and Morgan

Color:  Black/Tan   ( EE  ky/ky  at/at  DD  Bb  ll   Rr  Ssp  mm & MFSD12= Red/Red)

Coat:  Smooth  (L/l)

Weight: 15 lbs 02/26/23

Velvet is a powerhouse! While the same size as our 10 lb girls she tends to pack on the weight a bit more, and has amazing heavy bone structure as Dachshunds are supposed to.


Testing: Velvet is Full Panel Clear health tested. This means she does not have or carry any genetic health risks that can be passed to her offspring.

See her Results


What does she carry: Piebald, Chocolate, and Long hair


Special thanks to Melissa @ A Dozen Dachshunds for allowing us to add this little beauty to our pack.


Velvet is such a sweet and loyal girl. You know those videos of people with german shepherds with the dog between their legs as they move and seem to seamlessly anticipate every move? That’s how it is with Velvet she is always between my feet there is no way to get thru a gate or doorway before or without her and forget about sitting without checking for her first.  Thankfully she is so smooth at it I rarely trip on her she always seems to stay one step faster which is more than I can say for a couple of the others I have tripped over or stepped on more than once. Velvet has the hardest time when she has a litter choosing between following me or being with her pups you can just see the turmoil of the choice in her eyes.  Her favorite things are overstuffed beds or pillows, tunnels, and treats of any kind.