Wilbur is going to live with the Bacon family and be a spoiled support dog

Out of Pockets and Lady

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8 weeks old May 28th







Wilbur is a special boy he and his sister Charlotte are the only survivors of their litter born a week premature via emergency c-section but is growing beyond both ours and our Veterinarian’s initial expectations for starting out with such a rough start.



Wilbur has made it to his due date and starting to get hair. He is out of the incubator now and gaining weight daily. Such a fighter!

We are rather attached to this little boy, After weeks of round the clock feedings and snuggles, we are going to have a hard time letting him go.


Wilbur has a new mama! My daughter’s new mama dog (Ann) has had a small litter so we put Wilbur with her pups to see if she would accept him. He immediately found a nipple and she began cleaning him so everyone is happy!


Wilburs eyes are open


Wilbur is 4 weeks old (post due date) 5 weeks after delivery

He is learning how to eat soft food and has quite a personality. This morning I caught him growling very fiercely as he chewed his own foot. He terrorizes his younger adopted siblings who are not yet as mobile as he is.




  1. Amanda (verified owner)

    We LOVE him! Doing great!

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