Spotta World Traveler Aka: Wolfie

Whelped: 07/28/2022


Color: Wild Boar

Coat: Wire    (Wolfie due to his genetics will ONLY throw wire coats on his pups no matter what the female carries)

Weight: 13.8 lbs 02/26/23    He has super thick heavy bones despite his size.


Testing: Wolfie is full panel clear health tested thru Embark.

See his Embark Results here


Wolfie is a sweetheart but ALL wire personality the hunt is more important than anything. His favorite things are sticks, de-stuffing pillows, and crinkly or squeaky toys.

Sadly he will never be able to hunt like he was bred to do thanks to his breeder not treating his severely broken leg at 9 weeks old and claiming they did not even know when I discovered it within minutes of his arrival at 11 weeks old. Upon notifying his breeder of the x-ray results she stopped replying to my attempts at contact only confirming what I already assumed about their ethics as a breeder.

Because of the severity of the break and damage to the growth plate from not being repaired promptly, he will have to have the leg amputated. We have spoken with multiple vets about options and all have come back with the same diagnosis so for now, we are bracing the leg hoping to allow his good leg time to finish growing with support instead of adding extra pressure on it.

We watch him closely for signs that he has played too long or hard as he jumps, runs, and wrestles despite it and then pays the price later.

When we go on our daily pack walk he has learned to accept he will be carried which to him is such an insult but he is learning to enjoy using his nose during that time. I try to pick up on his body language going in the directions he seems most interested in smelling.

Despite being raised with siblings Wolfie seems to of missed out on socialization during those critical first 8 weeks. He has had to learn a lot of hard lessons about biting too hard and being aggressive toward adult male or alpha female dogs. All things our pups learn from an early age that he missed out on.