Wait List

If you have not already read the pages under Step 1 we highly suggest doing so BEFORE signing up for the waitlist to be sure our methods of raising puppies are a good fit for you.


(the current waitlist is available for viewing at the bottom of this page)

Our litters usually are sold out very quickly so we do offer a waitlist for those interested in reserving a puppy from one of our current or future litters.

PLEASE read this entire page before completing the waitlist form I have drawn attention to several details commonly misunderstood or missed.

To be placed on the “WAIT LIST” requires completing a short application and placing a $100. DEPOSIT. Your Waitlist deposit will be applied toward the final price of your puppy.

Those placing a “Wait List” deposit will be given choice of the puppies not including any being retained by us, in the order that the deposits were placed.

ALL “WAIT LIST” DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE they are however transferrable to a different litter if you choose to pass on a litter or do not get a chance to choose a puppy from the first available litter.

We reserve the right to refuse sale if we feel it is in the best interest of our puppy/dog and/or if we feel your home may not be a suitable fit for our much-loved babies. This is the only time we offer a refund of the waitlist deposit.

We do our best to plan couplings around the hopes of the people on our waitlist however, genetics being what they are, we cannot predict which coat, eye color, gender, size, or temperament will result from any breeding.

It is highly recommended you look at our upcoming litters as the color/type of puppy you prefer may not be produced in the first litter even if bred for that combination. If there is one thing we have learned it is no one can outguess mother nature. Because we are a small kennel focused on quality, not quantity in some cases like highly sought colors, or years we need to rest multiple females it can take an extended time to get the puppy of your choice. We just want you to be aware in rare cases it may be longer than a year wait time but we can assure you the wait will be worth it! If you are concerned about how many people are looking for the same combination as you feel free to scroll to the bottom of this page to view our current waitlist.

The color/gender/coat type preference that the people above you on the waitlist desire may or may not be in that particular litter so they may choose to skip to the next litter moving you up the list.

As picks are taken everyone below then moves up to the next higher position on the list.

Any puppies not placed with waitlist families will be announced openly to the general public on our Facebook page so be sure to like our page so you don’t miss any important announcements.

Due to the fluctuating nature of the market, your waitlist deposit does NOT lock in the estimated prices listed at the time of your waitlist deposit. We reserve the right to adjust our prices to fit the market at the time of each litter.

I reserve the right to have the first pick of any litter I wish to keep a puppy for future breeding consideration.

What happens after I am on the waitlist:

Once you are on the list we suggest you read the following pages under our Learn More section if you have not already to start preparing for your new family member:








Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have even if you think it’s stupid. We would much rather have informed puppy parents that we know are going to give them the best life possible.


When a litter is born we post an announcement on Facebook about the exciting event.

Once we are sure the pups are stabilized (occasionally a pup will not make it or have a rough first day or in rare cases week) we will begin reaching out to waitlist members that have expressed an interest in the particular pups the litter has.

However, we do not usually start picks until later as most people want a certain coat, eye color, or ticking which we are unable to decipher until around two weeks old.
So picks of multi-coat or pattern litters may be delayed until decided.

Once picks have begun…

We will send out a text to each person on the list to let you know we are beginning picks. You need to reply to this text so we know you are still interested in getting a puppy from us at some point. If the timing is not going to work for you on the current litter this is a good time to let us know you wish to pass until the next litter.

Anyone who does not reply two times will lose their place and be moved to the inactive list until they contact us.

It is the waitlist members’ responsibility to keep the contact info we have for you up to date.

Once it is your turn….

You will be texted that it is your turn at which time you will visit the “on hold for waitlist” page to choose from the pups that have not yet been chosen by the waitlist members ahead of you. It does not matter what preferences you listed on your application the pups on that page are yours to choose from when it is your turn. If you do not see the one that makes your heart skip a beat you may also choose to pass until the next litter.

You have up to 24 hours to choose a puppy, and place a HOLD deposit on the pup of your choice.

Choosing to skip a litter that does not contain the color/gender you are looking for does NOT lose your place in the order you go back to the top on the next litter.

What happens after I pick my puppy?

We require a HOLD deposit of $500. to reserve the puppy you pick. The Hold deposit is due within 24 hours of being offered your pick. Both the Waitlist and Hold deposits apply towards the full price of your puppy. The remainder of the full sale price will be due upon pickup.

Once your Hold deposit is paid it does lock in the listed price of your puppy.

We will update all of our ads and move your puppy to the reserved section on our website. 

You will be given access to our live puppy cam so you can watch your puppy grow and get a feel for what it has been used to before it goes home with you.

We keep a record of all of his/her weights, vaccinations, de-wormings, and any other important details which will be available to you via the pet-portal.

Waitlist members are sent an invite to the pet-portal once their waitlist deposit is placed so they can view their invoice.

We will also upload individual pictures, videos, and your health contract to the pet-portal

We pride ourselves in providing updates of your puppy no less than once a week but where I LOVE taking pictures it’s usually more often.

To apply for the waitlist please complete our

Waitlist Application

after which you will be directed to our Good Dog Payment page to place your deposit.

Current Waitlist

By order of receipt, and showing the preferences people are hoping for.

Hint: If you are considering joining the waitlist don’t look at the overall length of the list not everyone is looking for the same coat or color as you are. When we have a litter of say red brindle smooth’s, for example, there may be 1-2 people on a list of 20 that are actually looking for that particular color AND coat combination. The more options you are open to the quicker you will get your pick.

We have had a few people that got confused about why we appear to jump around the waitlist when we do picks. It may appear so because although we give each waitlist member the option on each litter most will pass till we have a litter with what they are hoping for in it. When someone passes on a litter the next person on the list is given the option. The person that passes on a litter not fitting what they are wanting does not lose their place in the list.

Waitlist members are NOT held to the particular coat type, color, or gender they have listed. When it is your turn to pick and something totally different catches your eye you’re more than welcome to use your pick for that puppy

Karlie Lonchar
Miniature Either Gender Chocolate/Tan Chocolate/cream Brindle ee Cream Shaded Cream
Miniature Smooth Piebald Ticking Spots
Savannah Dalton
Tweeny Long Female Chocolate/Tan Dapple Chocolate/cream ee Cream Wheaten